Commercial Coiling Doors

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Service Doors

Coiling overhead service doors are available in non-insulated as well as insulated configurations. They come in a variety of different color choices as well as material choices.

Counter Doors

Overhead coiling counter doors are used in a variety of applications including: Reception areas, storage areas, food counters, pharmacies, concession stands, hospital counters, etc. They are designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and are available in a variety of different finishes and materials including steel, aluminum, stainless, and a variety of different wood species.

roll up doors

Fire Rated Doors

When life safety is a must! Fire rated doors are available in service door configurations as well as counter door and side-folding configurations. Fire doors can be supplied conforming to the following labeling agency requirement, UL (Underwriters Laboratory), FM (Factory Mutual), and WHI (Warnock Hersey) as well as required “S” (smoke) labels. Fire door activation can be accomplished by a variety of different triggers, fusible links, building alarm systems, smoke detectors, etc.

Security Grilles

Coiling security grilles are a great solution for securing a space to prevent unwanted intrusions and still be able to see into the secured space. Some common applications include: Storefronts, retail storage spaces, shopping malls, pharmacy counters, etc. Security grille choices include material and finishes as well as type of operation and coil direction, roll-up, roll-down, side coiling, side folding, single parting and bi-parting.

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High Speed Doors

High-speed doors are specifically designed to meet the needs for a certain application or industry. Some of the more common applications for the product line are: Food and beverage, transportation, mining, cold storage, warehousing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, auto dealerships, sally ports, parking garages, loading docks, etc.

These doors are designed to save the end user costs that are normally associated with traditional doors. These saved costs come in the form of high cycle wear and tear, (less parts that wear out), saved energy costs, heating and cooling (fast door speeds and superior seals keep the outside air out), Doors will self-repair if accidentally hit (doors can typically be repaired with no parts even if hit by a forklift)

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