High-Performance Doors

Crawford Door Sales of Idaho is partnered with Hörmann High Performance Doors, a global leader in door technology, allowing us to offer the finest high-performance options available today.

We install, service and provide maintenance for the complete Hörmann line of fabric and rigid high-speed roll-up doors. We can recommend space-saving solutions as well as options for both interior and exterior applications.

Hörmann doors are ideal for a wide variety of applications. These fine products are widely used in warehouses, storage facilities, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, automotive dealerships, and fire stations throughout the world. Airports, parking garages, hospitals, mass transit facilities, and a wide range of other industrial and commercial buildings also proudly feature the Hörmann line of products.

Why Choose High Performance Doors?

High-speed roll-up doors from Hörmann offer several clear advantages over standard rolling and sectional designs. The reasons that so many discerning companies and businesses prefer Hörmann products include:

Hörmann products also have an exceptionally long life. They offer quiet operation, smooth starting and braking, and fast opening and closing speeds. With all the benefits, it’s no wonder there are already over 2 million Hörmann products installed worldwide — and that number continues to grow every day.

Quality Workmanship

Hörmann has been designing and manufacturing high-speed roll-up doors for more than 30 years. All the products in their line are German engineered and each incorporates proven, state-of-the-art technology. With their precise design, exceptional workmanship and sustainable production, Hörmann doors offer an impressive value.

Despite the dependability and long life span of the products they manufacture, Hörmann offers an industry-leading warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. And though their high-speed roll-up doors require little maintenance and few repairs, Hörmann guarantees the availability of spare parts for a full 10 years.

For more information, or to request a free estimate for high-performance doors from Hörmann, contact a Crawford Door Sales of Idaho representative today.

High Speed Doors

High-speed doors are specifically designed to meet the needs for a certain application or industry. Some of the more common applications for the product line are: Food and beverage, transportation, mining, cold storage, warehousing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, auto dealerships, sally ports, parking garages, loading docks, etc.

These doors are designed to save the end user costs that are normally associated with traditional doors. These saved costs come in the form of high cycle wear and tear, (less parts that wear out), saved energy costs, heating and cooling (fast door speeds and superior seals keep the outside air out), Doors will self-repair if accidentally hit (doors can typically be repaired with no parts even if hit by a forklift)

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